Research Chapter 4

4-1 Robyn Annear says this about the naming of the settlement. Bearbrass was one of the names by which Melbourne was known in its early days – apparently a mis-rendering of Birrarung, meaning ”river of mists” in the language of the Wurundjeri people. Other variations tried out by the settlers included Bareport, Bareheep, Barehurp, and Bareberp. In my imagination, I’ve raised again the village (or ”the Township”, as it was called) that was early Melbourne, whose physical traces have been almost entirely displaced and pulverised by the outgougings and up-thrustings of the Melbourne we see today. Read more:

4-2 Annear R., Imagining Early Melbourne, Black Inc, Melbourne, 2005.

4-3 Cannon MJ (Ed.) Historical Records of Victoria, Foundation Series, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1977

4-4 Boys,R.D., First Years at Port Phillip, Robertson and Mullens, Melbourne, 1959

4-5  Billot, C.P., John Batman and the Founding of Melbourne, Hyland House, Melbourne, 1979



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