Research Chapter 5


An outraged complaint published in the Cornwall Chronicle (JP Fawkner’s newspaper) 26th May 1838 that the Tasmanian taxpayers are paying Arundel Wright £200 per year while he is on leave from the Post Office exploring the commercial possibilities of Port Phillip.

5-2 Another person with the surname Cotter is sometimes confused with Dr Barry Cotter.  Dr Thomas Young Cotter, Colonial Surgeon of SA, arrived in Adelaide on the Coromandel in 1836. JP Fawkner, in his diary reported that he wrote to Thomas Cotter, whom he referred to as Dr Cotter’s brother.  This is incorrect as Thomas Young Cotter was born and bred in Limerick and research has revealed no direct links between the two families. Dr Thomas Young Cotter worked in Adelaide, Mt Barker, Queenstown and Angaston.  In 1864 he was appointed to Nuccaleena Copper Mine and in 1870 went to Port Augusta where he was very active in civic affairs.  He died 9th Jan 1882.  Newspaper articles often refer to both men simply as Dr Cotter, hence the confusion.  For more info

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Ch 35 The Independent Congregational Church of Melbourne p537.

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5-8 George Arden link to ADB

5-9 The Port Phillip Pioneers Group (PPPG) has clippings of various pieces of information available on CD.  This petition is on p357.  The petition is also recorded in HRV Volume 3

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