Research Chapter 7

7-1 Judge Willis Civil Case Book 1, page 38 Case Book 1.doc

Charles Henri Death Certificate 1913

Charles Henri Death Certificate 1913

7-2 death certificate  Charles Henri

7-3  The 1851 London Census records are available through This is a photocopy and I have transcribed the handwriting.

1851 Census Lodon

1851 Census Lodon

7-3b Birth details for Charles Henri.  This Baptismal  record was found in by Mary Hackett (Ireland) The entry reads

Name: Charles Henry Barry

Parents: Barry and Seville Cotter       Occupation:  Surgeon

Abode: Wandsworth         When born: 18th November 1841    Baptised by:   P. Schofield

Also this birth notice appeared in the Clare Journal and Ennis Advertiser on 29th November 1841  ” At Clapham, the lady of Barry Cotter Esq, of a son ”


7-4 Dr Cotter arrives on the Argostina


Baby Inez Death Certificate

Baby Inez Death Certificate

Baby Inez Seville Vignoles death certificate

7-6 More information on Captain Francis Durell Vignoles

The  words on this memorial are “Captain Vignoles, entertained lavishly, but died a pauper”

Clarke K The Evil to Come Arima Publishing, Suffolk UK, 2007

7-7 Manchester Cathedral : The information given is contained on page 435 of  LDS film 2357047 September 1844- August 1847 (John Vignoles)

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