Research Chapter 9

9-1 Bowden K.M. Doctors and Diggers of the Mt Alexander Goldfields Maryborouh, Victoria, 1974

9-2 Barry-Selina marriage certificate Image needed

9-3 Gawler gold watch robbery

9-4 Harrison, C. While I Live I Hope, unpublished, 2011.

9-5 South Australian Register reports Dr Cotter in these incidents.  Click on each link to read the details.  The reports show clearly that Dr Cotter’s dedication was well known and appreciated by the community in which he worked.

  • Gawler Bullocky Injured

  • Finger Amputation

  • Gawler stabbing

  • Reaping accident

  • Stabbing victim

  • Thigh broken       usertag=Dr+BC+Gawler+patient

  • Gawler patient

  • Mrs Martin’s death

9-6 The Lady Augusta

9-7 Harrison, C. While I Live I Hope, unpublished, 2011

9-8 Bhotan and the Camel

9-9 Cathy Harrison While I Live I hope

9-10 Deposition from NSWSL

Keeping a Disorderly House

Keeping a Disorderly House

9-11 Dr Cotter’s death certificate 

Dr Cotter's death certificate

Dr Cotter’s death certificate

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