Detail from Melbourne from Collins Street East by R. Russell, 1840. (Courtesy SLV)

Detail from Melbourne from Collins Street East by R. Russell, 1840. (Courtesy SLV)

 This website tells the story of Dr Barry Cotter, the first doctor in Melbourne and his wife, Inez Seville Fitzgerald.  It is written mainly for their descendants, especially those who have the surname Barry-Cotter.

But family or not it’s a great story, full of action and adventure, infidelity, tragedy and betrayal, with characters and events that need no fiction to enhance them.

 You can find out more about how the website came about by clicking here or go straight to the biography by clicking here.


The original website, moiramcalister.com was archived by the National Library of Australia into their Pandora Collection on May 29th, 2015.  To view that website, click here.

Hobart 1830localhistory.kingston.vic.gov.auimgarticle325_2.jpg

Hobart Town on the River Derwent, Van Diemen’s Land (1830) by W. J . Huggins (with permission from Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office).   This is how Hobart looked when Dr Cotter arrived in 1830.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Jennifer Leslie

    My ancestor James Thomas Leslie sailed on the Juno with Dr Barry Cotter from Liverpool in 1830. He was employed by Barry Cotter on arrival in VDL. Can you provide any further information about their relationship? James was born in Dublin in 1812 and was sent out to Australia in 1830 as a remittance man. He married Margaret McCarthy from Cork in Hobart Town in 1833.


    1. mme3 Post author

      Hi Jennifer, how interesting, I have not heard of James Thomas Leslie, but I am interested in following up this lead. At present I am away from home, but will get back to my computer next week. Can I contact you then and we can perhaps share our findings. Wow! You never know how and when new info will pop up! Thanks for reading my website and contacting me, Cheers from Moira


    1. mme3 Post author

      Hi Michael, I am descended from Dr Barry Cotter’s first son, Charles Henri. I would suggest that you may be descended from his second son Francis, known as Frank, who lived in Melbourne. Also you might like to explore the family tree of John Cotter (Dr BC’s brother) who lived in the Bendigo region. I’m happy to hear any more clues you might have to help you find the answer. The ‘Lennox’ is interesting in your grandfathers name. Stay in touch, cheers from Moira McAlister



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